All About Asia.


Asia recently came to a major fork in the road very early in her career. Her mother passed unexpectedly in October 2016, and Asia being over come with grief, shock and disbelief, it almost became the end of her career before she even fully got started.


Instead, she made one of the hardest decisions, she's had to make. Either let grief consume her, or do what she knew would make her mom the proudest. She used her mom's death as fuel to keep singing and keep writing her own lyrics even more so. Asia has now branded her music and style on the notion that Tomorrow May Never Come!!! Thanks for listening and stay tuned: YOU AINT SEEN NOTHING YET!!

Talented singer/vocalist and songwriter should be the first words that come to mind when you mention this fresh sexy artist, Asia Fourte'.

Asia started exhibiting her talent at a very young age. She began with only writing her thoughts and feelings in a  small diary. This eventually turned into writing lyrics to songs, songs that she herself would sing over and over again in the bathroom mirror til she felt it had been perfected. She has now turned all that energy into the exquisite, exceptionally talented beautiful woman you see before you.

Asia was born and raised in Dallas, TX and into a small family of 4. Two very passionate and supportive parents, and she being the youngest of her and her older sister (Paris).

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