This first album is titled "First Take" not only because this was her first step at showcasing her writing skills on all of her own music, but because it is also Asia's first swing at entering into the official world of music as her own independent artist. Her first take at taking her love for music to the next level. It's also her first take on throwing caution and the fear of her own talent, to the wind and fully diving into her dreams.


     Asia began writing her own lyrics just a little under a year ago and has gone full throttle ever since. Fortunately, this diva has been singing almost her entire life and this album simply allows Asia a first take at really showcasing her talent.

   In this album you will hear a variety of music, from the slow sexy R&B love song, to the poppin' club song that makes you dance no matter where you are when you hear it.

   Be sure to stay updated with current tracks made available and subscribe to Asia's page, as well as her other social media sites for future updates.

     "On My Own", a phrase to be understood as it is written. A single that can be purchased on any digital distributor world wide.


     I wrote this song to relate to my fans.. "On My Own" was written because it displays a plethora of emotion that so many of us, both male and female can relate to.  


  After growing close to a friend and realizing that her life was not ordinary to my own extent, but yet, so similar to so many other people, I figured why not write about it?  Be sure to purchase your copy today! 

     Write me , and tell me about your own experience. Your truth, inspires me.


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  -Asia Fourte' 

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"Darkest of the Deep", Is one of my personal favorite original.. I was inspired to write this song because it truly is part of my real-life story; an introduction to my past. It's the point, when my mind starts wondering about how I think my life represents so many other people. "Darkest of the Deep", is a story of exactly that.... My darkest of the deep.

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